Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome and Info

I've been a regular contributor (as in reader and commenter) to the Uncommon Descent blog for several years now and I wanted to start a new blog to feature some of the particular discussions regarding the existence of God, which have often been presented at Uncommon Descent either officially or in response to reader inquiry.

Uncommon Descent is a blog in support of Intelligent Design theory.  It does not purport to be anything other, except in cases where other subjects relate to Intelligent Design.  Since ID proposes or supports theistic implications, discussions on God's existence often "materialize", and the materialists who regularly read and engage in the discussion are often up in arms about this particular phenomenon; accusing ID of being a religious doctrine, or worse.

I've rather enjoyed the exchanges that take place, but I wanted to set up a forum where I can more effectively relay my own thinking, and invite others to contribute and/or participate in other ways.

I plan on making this a written blog primarily, but from time to time I will prepare some discussion videos.  I communicate much better in writing, but I feel that some videos will create a personal feel to the blog.  So on occasion you can look forward to watching a presentation or just opening up a conversation in video format.  I welcome replies, and the videos will be available on YouTube.

About Me:

I am a theist and Evangelical Christian living in Southern California, USA.  I have been a believer for 30 years, coming to belief in Christ at the age of 19.  Becoming a Christian for me, has opened up a whole new world of discovery; contrary to popular belief about what religion does to people.  I'd have to say that I'm really not particularly religious, as in I'm not superstitious, and I am skeptical about many religious claims, as I am skeptical about other claims.  I've come to understand that truth claims must stand up to reason, and I believe that Christian belief is altogether reasonable, and can be discussed in an intelligent manner, as God has given us the ability to reason as humans.

Who is welcome?

I hope you join in the conversation, as with other blogs I've begun I feel like I'm often talking to myself.  My other blogs, however are not about anything particularly controversial or important as the question of God's existence, so I have more confidence that others will participate.

I welcome opposing views and respectful, non-strawmannish or ad hominem discussion.  I respect opposing views and I understand that others have not come to their beliefs lightly.  At the same time, I believe in particular that atheism and agnosticism do not stand up to reason when starting with first principles of reason.  So it is with those principles that I hope to begin this blog.

I am every bit an amateur in this regard, but like anyone else, that does not stop me from engaging in reasonable inquiry, in attempting to understand and either agree or disagree with the views of others.  I welcome all who wish to present counter arguments; but I warn that I will attempt to pick them apart to the best of my ability, with the help of some research as well as reasoning of my own.

I do hope that others at Uncommon Descent choose to join and/or participate however minimal or broad.  I also invite other bloggers and general theism enthusiasts or non-enthusiasts, and those just generally interested in the views of others, as I believe that having an open forum is a great way to open up peoples' thinking.

I caution, that I will delete posts that I feel are disrespectful in any way of persons contributing, and I will not be partial to any particular view or opinion.  If you attack someone else, your communications will be deleted.

Respectful discussion does not, however eliminate our views from careful scrutiny, and I include my own views in that regard.  So if you attack ideas, it's a go.  If you attack persons whom you don't know,  this is not a forum for you.

This post will eventually be a permanent page of this blog.

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